Sweet & Savory: Ice Box Cafe – Miami Beach

Hidden on a side street in South Beach, the Ice Box Cafe has become one of my favorite finds. The menu is full of classic favorites that have been slightly revisited for a more creative approach. It’s easy to find something for everyone and the prices are right – especially for the portions (and the area). Ice Box is great for a weekend catch-up lunch with your friends or a weekday dinner with your special someone.

Of course, the first thing I noticed when I walked in were the dessert cases. There were rows and rows of different ice box cakes mixed in with random baked goods. Heaven, IMO. I’ve always spoiled my tastebuds with things that are both sweet and savory.

Lately I’ve been trying my hardest to incorporate healthier greens into my diet. Thankfully, Ice Box Cafe had diet-conscious offerings like fresh greens, white asian quinoa, and even roasted mushrooms. Knowing that I was going to overdo it a bit in the dessert arena, I ordered the Falafel Wrap with a side of both the sprouts and kale. (You might’ve seen my veggies in my Bento Box: Brussels Sprouts and Blueberries post from a few weeks ago.) And in case you didn’t notice, I skipped the fries. Aren’t you proud?

Overall, the wrap was fresh-tasting and delicious. There was a tomato-mint relish involved that I will be returning for – believe me. One of my favorite eating situations is being pleasantly surprised by something I was obviously apprehensive about. Of course, there were no hesitations with the German Chocolate ice box cake and I doubt there ever will be. Cold, creamy chocolate ice cream, soft cake, and coconut… need I say more? (I took a slice home and it never it made home.)

PS: If you work in the area like me, it’s definitely a go-to! Here’s what I’m planning on trying next: Slow Roasted Short Rib Panini and the Thai Pulled Chicken Salad.

Overall Score: 14/20
Ambiance: 3
Service: 3
Food: 4
Price: 4

– Dee

Ice Box Cafe
1657 Michigan Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Twitter: @IceBoxCafeMiami


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