Bento Box: Mark

(a) Salad + Meatballs // NOA Catering
There are Mediterranean and Asian influences that make the food at NOA unique and delicious. Everything is made fresh and you can really tell. I come here frequently for lunch and they’re always trying something new in the kitchen. Every time I’ve been there, the menu has been a little different. This time I got a salad and two meatballs on the side – it was very good.

(b) India Pizza
// Egyptian Pizza
This pie is called the India Pizza and it was delicious. There’s chicken cooked in curry and glazed with honey on pita bread with no sauce. It was served with this spicy sauce that I couldn’t quite place. It was great on the pizza! (I used to love this place, till I got sick from eating there once.)

(c) Turkey + Cheese Hoagie // Mellow Mushroom
This was my first time at Mellow Mushroom and I got a lunch special that included a turkey hoagie, hummus, and pita bread. I have to say the hummus was excellent and I wonder if they make it on premises. Overall, the hoagie was good, but I could’ve used a little more of it.

(d) Dynamite Grouper // Chart House Fort Lauderdale
Located right on the water, I was here for Mother’s Day dinner and to enjoy the view. The ambiance is great and the service was prompt. My dinner was the Dynamite Grouper and a pyramid of fried rice. The grouper was good but the fried rice was pretty basic. Thankfully, dessert made up for it all.



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